Amsterdam: Day 1

After visiting Amsterdam last month I thought it was about time I get around to writing about my visit. It’s annoying when life gets hectic and you can barely find the time to breath let alone write a blog post. I visited this wonderful city for 6 days and had an incredible time. The city of Amsterdam is such an incredible place and I hope by reading about my visit it will inspire you to pay Holland a visit or give you some hints, tips or travel inspiration to knock your wanderlust into 5th gear and get you itching to hop on a plane and explore. 

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My Last Night In Amsterdam 

Hi all,

I’m currently sitting in a hostel in central Amsterdam. It’s pouring with rain outside and it’s ridiculously windy so I have taken shelter in the warm cafe with a black coffe and some dark chocolate. I am writing this on my phone so please do bare with (I hate typing things on my phone urgh).

Tonight’s my last night here in the Netherlands after arriving on Thursday. I’m actually really sad to be leaving. When you say you’re going to Amsterdam a lot of people immideatley think of the Red Light District, the prostitutes and the fact you can smoke weed in cafes as it’s perfectly legal. This amazing city has so much more to offer than just these few stereotypes. For example the fact that cycling is one of the main modes of transportation is amazing. 

The bike parking outside the station
I love cycling and I once hired a Boris bike whilst in London before but cycling around the busy car packed streets there scared me half to death. Here in Amsterdam however it is so bike friendly. I loved seeing people riding around with there kids on the handlebars or a passenger sitting on the back of their bike. Next time I visit, now I know my way around, I’m going to hire a bike and cycle everywhere.

 Another great thing is the architecture. One of my favourite things to look at is the canal side housing. As the city was built on marshland all the houses were built on wooden foundations. Overtime as the water levels have changed these have sunk and therefore a lot of the buildings appear crooked or lopsided which means these quant houses are oozing so much charm and quirkiness, it’s crazy. A lot of these houses also have great historic pasts which I found out about on the canal boat tour we went on.

When I get back home I will write a series of posts about my time here. The places I went, thins I’ve seen, where I stayed, what I did and some general tips.  

At the Icebar
 I couldn’t reccomebd visiting this wonderful city more, it is an absouloutley outstanding place.  I’m really sad to be returning home tomorrow but I’ve had a fantastic time and can’t wait for my next adventure.

Love Rebecca x