What Makes The ‘Boosh’ So ‘Mighty’

boosh-BOXSET1“Come with us now on a journey through time and space to the world of The Mighty Boosh”. The opening lines that create a pure whimsical thrill in even the oldest and more unobvious of oddballs. This handful of words conjures up a never-ending limit of impossibilities where only your imagination can constrain you. Come and take a glimpse into the eccentric domain of hit TV series The Mighty Boosh.

The brainchild of unlikely comedy duo Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, comedy series the Mighty Boosh invaded our TV screens from 2004- 2007. The explosive mix of pop culture, surrealist humour and Noel Fielding’s Mighty Boosh of hair is set amongst comedic songs and a cast of loveable yet odd characters created to tantalise the taste buds of a generations minds, showing the viewers that the only thing that limits comedy is the level of your own normality.

The story of The Boosh began when Fielding met Barratt for the first time after seeing him perform his solo stand-up routine at the Hellfire Comedy Club in High Wycombe. The pair soon found they had a shared comic interest, which inevitably led to the creation of The Mighty Boosh. Fielding and Barratt’s partnership could be compared to that of chips and ice cream as on the surface, they are two very different things that really should not work together. The combination of the artistic free spirit and loveable Goth exterior of Fielding combined with the more confined and serious that is Barratt, creates, like chips and ice-cream, something that is previously unexploited and at the same time something that is effortlessly genius.

The reason why The Mighty Boosh is more than just background viewing is in the fact it is a cultural statement. Although as unobvious as this may be at times, particularly when Old Gregg and his man-gina are demanding you to drink some more Baileys from a shoe. The statement is largely a postmodern proclamation on creativity, parodying the fact that unique ideas just aren’t that, unique. In modern culture everything has been done, no idea is new or original anymore. The way that The Mighty Boosh highlights this is through it’s own nature that is; in order to be different, be ridiculous. Demon Grandmas, men made of cheese and milky Joe the coconut man are just a few examples of the obscurity of the ideas portrayed.

Not only does this postmodernist nature parody society’s culture through its down right obscurity, the duo also reference popular culture throughout the three series. Gary Numan, Mods, indie bands, if there’s a sub culture, the Boosh will tap into it.

Surrealism is fundamentally the core of what the Boosh is. The underlying idea behind this cultural movement is to resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality. Each episode makes complete illogical sense thereby converging the gap between what is perceived as reality and what is assumed to be a dream.

The psychedelic artwork used throughout the show helps to conjure up dreamy thoughts of a drug induced out of body experience. This, mixed with a cast of characters so messed up it makes you ponder ‘what imagination could possibly invent them?’ could play tricks on your willingness to accept this version of reality. But after all as it’s obviously only a TV show crammed with humour, you just accept the crazy as if it were normal so that you can follow along with each obscure joke and find it hilarious every time the moons face tells you a story that is so pointless, the only reaction expected would be “cool story bro”.

So after this speculation of how iconic and culturally relevant The Mighty Boosh is, does it really say something worth noting about modern day society? If it does, what exactly is the message? Is it a cleverly constructed statement on the lack of originality in life? Or is it a way to toy with your perception of what is real and what is envisioned to be real? If it is so perspicacious then surely it still has a place on our beloved television screens.

Well good news could possibly be on the horizon for the Boosh fan base in the near future. The outlandish comedy duo have been causing speculation on the possible creation of a fourth series as they reunited to do a string of live tour dates, and of course have had a good crack at plaguing America with their British quirk. So what will the future hold for this bizarrely brilliant cult TV show? Nothing is certain other than it will of course look as if somebody fell into a 4 year olds dressing up box. Oh, that and there will be no lack of the tentacle headed Tony Harrison shouting, “It’s an outrage”!