Looking back on memories: 1

This blog post is the start of a serious of posts I’m going to do inspired by looking through old Facebook photos and the memories behind old pictures. I remember first becoming part of the Facebook community when I was at Secondary School. I was drawn in by the fact that everyone in my year was going around and proclaiming how Bebo (haha who remembers Bebo) was really lame now and that Facebook was the new ‘thing’. I didn’t like Facebook at first at all. In my opinion it was far too bland. I think the exact word I used to describe it actually was grey. But I soon came around and the rest is history.

This first post Is about one on the first photos I uploaded onto Facebook. It’s not particularly exciting so I do apologise, but I thought it’d be a good place to start. The feet on the left are mine and the feet on the right are my old friend Sophie’s


I met Sophie In year 7 as we were in the same tutor group, 7OCM. We got along really well and hung out all the time. She’ll kill me for writing this but we even set up this music duo (yep just the two of us) called Potato Tunezzz (and yes with the Z’s, Oh gosh). We used to write songs about the people we knew. The Lyrics were cringey but the keyboard backing tracks were somehow worse. We used to record our songs on my pink LG chocolate (oh those were the days) and listen back to them in total fits of laughter.

This particular photo was taken in the summer.  We’d gone to a local village for the day. I remember we were messing around in this play park and taking loads of stupid photos. Actually I’m now going to try and find these old photos, which may only be on Bebo, so wish me luck.

Ok, well that failed miserably. I couldn’t even get on the webpage. Oh well, moving on. I just thought this would be a pretty nice memory to start with. I started secondary school way back in 2005 now which is a fact that scares me, 11 years! When I was there it felt like I had been, and would continue to be, stuck there forever. My friend Sophie now has a kid called Charlie, He’s over a year old and that scares me. I haven’t seen Sophie since we both left school in 2010 and went to different colleges. You know what it’s like, It can be so easy to drift apart.

Even though she’s a mum and I have a degree and am about to train to be a teacher, I still remember us how we were then. Practising a dance routine to that ‘Out Of Touch’ song by United Nations in our tutor room as we wanted to enter the talent show and never did. How we used to record ourselves singing stupidly on my Mac then edit it to go super quick so we’d sound like hamsters and how we totally killed ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ on Singstar.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post I’m planning on making it a regular thing so keep an eye out. It’s always nice to look back on old times as life can go so quickly sometimes it’s so easy to get tangled up in the now and forget everything you’ve been through.

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca x



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