My Boxing Day Sale Haul 

Why hello. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I’m sure many of you were out and about at the Boxing Day sales yesterday. After realising how much of a hoarder and stuff collector I am, I have made it my goal to pretty much try and stop buying things I don’t need. This was my attempt at ‘trying not to buy anything’. It didn’t go exactly to plan but I think you’ll agree, It could have been a lot worse.

There are so many bargains to be had this time of year. I have to admit, If there is something on my wishlist, I will usually wait until the sales to go and get it. This year my Mum, Auntie and myself went to Guilford to see what bargains we could snap up. I’d never been shopping In Guilford before and it was actually pretty good. It had a lot of ‘High End’ shops though which aren’t really my cup of tea as Im more of a bargain hunter/ thirfty kinda gal. It was surprisingly quiet out at the shops which was such a welcome surprise. Boxing day shopping usually stresses me the heck out and makes me wish I was rather at home with a box of Ferrero Rochers and a Baileys Hot Chocolate.

I thought I’d write a little blog post and run you through a couple of the things I bought. The First thing I have to note is how necessary it is to visit Lush in the sale. All of their Christmas gifts and festive treats are half price. I am a huge Lush advocate. I swear buy their fresh facemasks, deep conditioner and most recently their Daddy-O shampoo for Blondes. I could have so easily bought up their entire stock of bath-bombs but trying to keep to my new ‘Minimalist purchase plan’ I sprung for this little gift set instead. Snow Fairy is a cult festive favourite and this little gift set included a 100g Snow Fairy Shower Gel and also a delicious smelling pink bath bomb for the bargain price of about £4, score one for me!

I also went to what is probably the most dangerous shop to visit during a sale, Topshop. Other than splashing out for a really awesome navy blue skirt (that cost about £22) I managed to be rather well behaved and pretty much only buy lipsticks. I love Topshop’s makeup collection! It’s colourful, playful and always pretty exciting looking. I have a current thing at the moment for Lipstick, as you can tell, and I managed to stock up on various colours. the coral Lip Cream was only £1, the purple Lip Varnish was only £2, the Lip Primer was £4 and then I got a really cool Lip Ombre set also for £4 (this was before I used my student discount which also applies on sale items!)


Next up was Cath Kidston! I adore Cath Kidston and have a terrible feeling my future home will be adorned with floral print everything. I went in specifically to get a travel purse as Im planning on doing a lot of traveling next year. I picked up this cute little red floral print one for £8. It’s really useful as It has a compartment at the front for cards/ travel cards/ tickets ect. I also purchased this random impulse buy of what I thought was a standard lunch box. Turns out its actually called a Bento box, something which I had never even heard of before. 

Curious as to why Cath Kidston had included chop sticks in my lunch box (was it trying to test me?) I google what a Bento box was, guided by the helpful label sticker on the front, and was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Bento is a traditional Japanese style of eating where single portions of foods such as rice, meat, fish and vegetables are creatively packed into boxes to create meals. after searching for recipe inspiration on Pintrest, I can safely say I am going to have a lot of fun creating Bento meals and I will probably end up writing a blog post on in later. 

As well as all of the goodies above I treated myself to a brand new phone case and protective glass screen for my Iphone 6 Plus after having somehow broken my Griffin Surviver Case, which is supposed to have a lifetime guaranty eeeek.

So I picked up a few good buys and didn’t spend too much money or buy too many things that will help contribute to my hoarding ways. I have to have a proper clean out of the house and all of my stuff in the new year and I’m trying really hard to not replace my current clutter with slightly newer clutter. I was really close to buying a Fijifilm Intax instant camera today. They are so cool but then I stopped and asked myself “do i really need that?” so instead the money I saved can go towards my upcoming getaway to Vienna.

I hope you all have fun grabbing some bargains in the sale, but take my advice, sometimes it helps to just stop and ask, do I really need this?

My Top 40 Moments Of 2015

It’s that time of year again! That time of year you get all nostalgic and think back to all of the things you did over the last year. For me 2015 was a bit of an odd year. As you will see from this little top 40 moments list I’ve created, I got a lot done. Instead of dwelling on all the bad things that have happened to me this year (I sure did have my fair share) I have decided to share with you 40 of my best moments and a little slideshow to go with it. I hope you have all enjoyed your year, and here’s to making 2016 even better!

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  1. Went on Holiday to Orlando, America
  2. Wrote a 10,000 word Dissertation
  3. Graduated from University with a 2:1
  4. Lost a heck load of weight!
  5. Started running
  6. Ran in my first ever 5k (Brighton Colour Run)
  7. Became a single pringle
  8. Saw Fleetwood Mac at the Isle Of White Festival
  9. Went camping A Lot!
  10. Went on a girls camping and cycling holiday to the New Forest
  11. Went to an inflatable water park at Lymington salt-water baths.
  12. Decided to become a Primary School Teacher
  13. Got offered a place to train on a schools direct programme for next year
  14. Got a new job as a support worker at Mencap starting in January
  15. Learnt to cut the negative people out of my life
  16. Stayed in a hostel for the first time (the travel joy hostel In Chelsea)
  17. Hired a Boris bike and rode around Hyde park
  18. Saw Wicked the musical
  19. Sung a lot of Karaoke (sometimes very badly, sometimes very drunkenly)
  20. Knitted a Gryffindor scarf (It only took me TWO whole months)
  21. Interviewed The Wombats
  22. Went to fright night at Thorpe Park (those horror mazes are terrifying)
  23. Carved pumpkins like a boss
  24. Dressed up as Princess Leia for the Star Wars release
  25. Went indoor snowboarding
  26. Went indoor skydiving
  27. Turned 22 years old (eeek)
  28. Went to Winter wonderland at Hyde Park for the first time
  29. Interviewed for some proper jobs in the city of London
  30. Decided working in the city was not for me (The Rat Race just doesn’t cut the mustard)
  31. Dressed up as Stevie Nicks (like a boss)
  32. Swam with a dolphin
  33. Got retweeted by the GBBO (hahaha)
  34. Interviewed bands at Takedown Festival
  35. Strengthened my friendship with my best friend (even when she was half way across the globe)
  36. Went on a 30 mile sea front bike ride
  37. Took part in numerous Nerf Gun wars
  38. Got to vote for the first time in a general election
  39. Joined the Labour party (ready for a budding career in politics, should I chose to do so)
  40. Completed the Fellowship challenge at The Hobbit Pub!


A Day In… Bristol

Bristol. All I really knew about this west country city was that one of my best friends from University, Emma, lived there and also that it had a really big Primark. 12404128_10156362999905158_441176027_n.jpg

I’d been up to visit her a few times. We’d usually have a few drinks in The Hatchet Inn, which is a rather cool alternative sort of pub, and went to this night out thing called Pop, Bubble, Rock at The Lanes bowling alley. The next day would usually consist of mega hangovers and finding remains of half eaten food scattered around the room looking very sorry for themselves. A strewed battlefield of chips and pizza. Oh and there was also this one time we got mega lost trying to find our way to Hobbycraft…. For me that was pretty much Bristol. A fun place where everyone has really happy sounding accents.

Last week I got sent up to Bristol with a few of my ‘work colleges’/ actual friends for a quiz. Said quiz had finished by 11:30 am leaving us pretty much the whole day to sort of aimlessly wander about and explore, kind of like a Panda looking for some decent Bamboo (before he inevitably falls asleep).12435773_10156362999730158_70636681_n.jpg

The first thing I have to say is that Bristol actually has a pretty okish German Christmas market, unlike my uni town of Southampton which I always find thoroughly disappointing (how the heck are E-cigarettes festive?!). If you fancy picking up a Bratwurst of a Schnitzel you know where to go. Bristol also has some decent shops. Of course there are all of the main high street options for your general unimaginative shopping needs, but there are also some really great vintage and book shops a bit further out of the main town centre. These are definitely worth a visit, especially If you are a hopeless book enthusiast. I picked up some pretty great books for about £2.50 at some indepentednt book shops and at Fopp, which I didn’t realise was so good!

We didn’t venture anywhere particularly exciting or adventurous for food, there are a few amazing places in Bristol I would definitely return to and review in the future, but we settled for a Five Guys, which of course does burgers so good you want to melt into the floor like a puddle of happiness. My friends also had bubble tea, I personally don’t trust it as those bubbles look like a chocking hazard, but apparently its good.

Bristol Is also a hub of creativity. Artists, Animators and Activists mingle among the people with cool tattoos, gals with bright hair and the many MANY students. You can roam around the city and casually run into a Banksy and be like “oh, this perfectly embodies a political statement of some sort, oh and look that guy is naked”.12421654_10156362999490158_747447883_n

Whilst there I walked past the museum which had an exhibit on called ‘Death: The human experience’ (click here for more information, it looked awesome) which Im really gutted I wasn’t able to go to (this may also be the perfect excuse for me to go back and buy many more cheap books.)

So my overall view on Bristol is that I only really got to see the tip of the iceberg. If I had a bit more time, and some more appropriate foot wear (never wear new shoes when walking around lots, unless you really don’t like yourself) there were some hidden gems that were just screaming unearth me unearth me. Bristol is such a great city with a really distinctive personality, sort of like how there are really distinctive types of cheese, (mmmm Halloumi). Bristol is the Halloumi of the west of England and is definitely worth an explore. And like you needed any more convincing to visit this city, there was a guy blowing insane amounts of bubbles on the high street, score!