The Adventure Begins

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” 

― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

2015 has been a very exciting year in my life. A year filled with possible opportunities, the beginning of new adventures but most importantly for me, the end to some lengthily life chapters. 

It seems like yesterday me and my parents packed up the car and drove off to Southampton to move me into my student halls. Drake 209, my little room in the massive Lucia Foster Welch halls and my first taste of living independently. I made some fantastic friends, had some very memorable moments (not always for the best reasons) and learnt some very interesting things on my course. 

I studied Popular Music Journalism and by the age of about 19 I was a nationally published music journalist, an achievement I will be forever proud of.

Some of the PMJ class of 2015

But now my University journey is over, it’s come to its epic conclusion ending in a day we all got to dress up like wizards from Harry Potter, graduation day.

you could feel the nerves and excitement in the atmosphere. I think it was a mix of being scared to fall onstage in front of the whole audience of Southampton Guildhall and suddenly realising it was time to get serious about the question, what do I do next? 

Catching up with all my old course mates and chatting about what we are all up to now made me realise something. No matter what we all achieved during our time at university, we were all now kind of stumbling into adult life without a map. Not quite sure of what direction to take and were it may lead but for the most part full of naive optimism of what the future could hold.

For me, Its the next chapter in my tale and Im ready to make my life story a good’en.

Forever a dork: onstage at graduation

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